Daily Compliance Item- 9/9/14- Baseball Equivalencies

Ocean State University baseball coaches are finalizing their roster and determining if there are any deficiencies in meeting the minimum requirement for scholarships. 
Curve Ball, a student-athlete on the team is receiving a 15% athletic scholarship and $5000 in academic aid.  The combination of the two aid sources equates to a 25% scholarship.  The academic aid qualifies for an exemption, but if the coaches choose to count it against team limits can they also use it to meet the 25% requirement?
Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 8/18/08- Financial Aid Used to Calculate Minimum Equivalency Value in Baseball (I)- states that in baseball, institutional financial aid that could otherwise be exempted from an institution’s equivalency computation (e.g., academic honor awards) may be used to meet an individual student-athlete’s minimum equivalency value, provided the aid is also counted toward the maximum institutional grant-in-aid limitation.  In such cases, the full amount of the award must count toward the individual student-athlete’s equivalency and the institutional grant-in-aid limitation.
[References:  NCAA Division I Bylaws 15.02.4 (financial aid), 15.1.2 (types of aid included in limit) and (minimum equivalency value)]
NCAA Bylaw states that an institution shall provide each counter athletically related and other countable financial aid that is equal to or greater than 25 percent of an equivalency.  (Adopted: 4/26/07 effective 8/1/08 for student-athletes who initially enroll full time at any four-year collegiate institution on or after 8/1/08, Revised:  8/9/07)

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