Jen Condaras, the author of the Daily Compliance Item, is the Assistant Commissioner of Compliance for the Big East Conference.  The Daily Compliance Item was created to provide helpful tips and articles associated with NCAA rules and regulations.  Jen assisted her boss with drafting these emails upon her arrival at Georgia Tech in 1999 and eventually took over the concept when promoted to Director of Compliance in 2001.  At that time, the emails were distributed to all staff and coaches as well as a few friends at other institutions.  By the time Jen left Georgia Tech, her distribution list was close to a 100 people.   As word of the Daily Compliance Item spread, compliance professionals from across the country opted into the mailings.  The mailing list now includes over 400 NCAA compliance professionals.  The goal of the Daily Compliance Item blog is to continue that tradition of knowledge sharing regarding NCAA Compliance Rules.

The author of the Daily Compliance Item is Jen Condaras and the opinions contained within are not the opinions of The BIG EAST Conference, JumpForward or the Collegiate Sports Group of Bond, Schoeneck and King.

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