Daily Compliance Item- 10/15/13- 13.8.1, Complimentary Admissions to a HS Coach

Side Out is a volleyball student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU).  OSU is playing against a school in Side’s home town this weekend, so Side would like to provide one of her complimentary admissions to her high school coach.

Is this permissible?

Yes with conditions.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 10/10/13- Student-Athlete Complimentary Admissions to Coaches or Others Involved with Prospective Student-Athletes (I) – states that  a student-athlete may provide home or away complimentary admissions to a high school, preparatory school or two-year college coach or any other individual responsible for teaching or directing an activity in which a prospective student-athlete is involved as long as the complimentary admissions are not provided to the coach or other individual at the direction of an institutional staff member.


[Reference: NCAA Division I Bylaws 13.8.1 (entertainment restrictions), (institutional events in the student-athlete’s sport) and (exception — post season events)]

Daily Compliance Item- 9/9/13-, Tickets

Ocean State University ticket office is working on a design for this year’s men’s and women’s basketball tickets.  The ticket manager would like to include a picture of each student-athlete on the front of all home game ticekts.  If there is a coupon for Dunkin Donuts on the back of the ticket, is it permissible to include the picture of a current student-athlete on the front?

Yes.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 2/18/88-  Use of a student-athlete’s name or picture on a game ticket – states that it is permissible for an institution to utilize a game ticket that has the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete on the face of the ticket and a commercial company’s coupon or advertisement (unrelated to the student-athlete) on the back of the ticket.

Daily Compliance Item- 5/2/13- 16.2- Complimentary Admissions for Injured Student-Athlete

Grand Slam is a baseball student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Unfortunately Grand suffered an incapacitating injury last month and is not able to compete for the remainder of the season.  Is Grand still permitted to receive his four complimentary admissions to home and away contests?

Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 3/27/91- Complimentary tickets for a student-athlete who has suffered an incapacitating injury– states that a member institution would be permitted to provide a student-athlete who has suffered an incapacitating injury four complimentary admissions to a home or away contest, inasmuch as a student-athlete who has suffered an incapacitating injury would be considered a participant in the sport.

Daily Compliance Item- 2/20/13- Complimentary Admissions for a Conference Tournament

Alley Oop is a basketball student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Alley’s team will be participating in its conference tournament next week, and she would like to provide tickets to a few of her family members.  How many complimentary admissions may Alley provide?

A.  2

B.  4

C.  6

D.  None

The answer is CNCAA Bylaw states that an institution may provide each student-athlete who participates in or is a member of a team participating in a postseason event (e.g., conference championship, NCAA championship, National Invitation Tournament, bowl game) with six complimentary admissions to all intercollegiate athletics events at the site at which the student (or team) participates.  (Adopted: 1/9/96 effective 8/1/96, Revised: 11/1/01 effective 8/1/02, 1/17/09 effective 8/1/09)

Daily Compliance Item- 1/17/13- Complimentary Admissions

Yellow Card is a soccer student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU).  Yellow earned All-America honors this fall and will be honored during the home men’s basketball game this weekend.  Yellow would like his parents to attend the game and see the halftime ceremony.  Is it permissible for OSU to provide Yellow’s parents with complimentary tickets to the game, so they can see their son be honored at halftime?

Yes.  NCAA Bylaw states that an institution may provide a maximum of four complimentary admissions to a student-athlete for an institution’s game or event during which a student-athlete is being honored but not participating, provided such complimentary admissions are used by the student-athlete’s parents, legal guardians and/or spouse. (Adopted: 4/27/00 effective 8/1/00, Revised:  1/8/07 effective 8/1/07)


This legislation is applicable to Division I and II.  In Division II, such complimentary admissions may be provided to family members of the student-athlete being honored.

Daily Compliance Item- 1/8/13-

Bank Shot is a prospective student-athlete that signed a National Letter of Intent (NLI) in November to play basketball at Ocean State University (OSU).  Bank would like to make an unofficial visit to OSU’s campus this weekend and go to a home men’s basketball game.  For purposes of this scenario- it is a dead period this weekend for the sport of basketball.

Can Bank make an unofficial visit to campus and receive a complimentary admission to attend the basketball game?

Yes.  NCAA Bylaw states that a prospective student-athlete is permitted to make an unofficial visit during a dead period beginning the calendar day after one of the following events occurs:

(a) The prospective student-athlete signs a National Letter of Intent (NLI) or the institution’s written offer of admission and/or financial aid; or

(b) The institution receives a financial deposit in response to the institution’s offer of admission.

Daily Compliance Item- 10/9/12- Exchange for Complimentary Admissions

Charity Stripe, a women’s basketball student-athlete at Ocean State University, assigns all four of her complimentary admissions to a home event.  One of the recipients is the owner of a local salon where Charity gets her manicures and pedicures.  The owner of the salon is a big basketball fan and told Charity that if she could get tickets to the home games, she would give Charity a free manicure once a week.  Is this arrangement permissible?

  1.  Yes, as long as the value of the manicure is less than or equal to the value of the tickets
  2. Yes, as long as the owner of the salon is not an agent
  3. No, this arrangement would be considered a violation
  4. No, complimentary admissions may only be provided to immediate family members

The answer is 3NCAA Bylaw states that a student-athlete may not receive payment from any source for his or her complimentary admissions and may not exchange or assign them for any item of value.