Daily Compliance Item 5/13/14- Coaching Clinic

The assistant women’s basketball coaches at Ocean State University (OSU) have been asked to speak at a coaches clinic that is being conducted by a recruiting service.  If there are not any prospects in attendance, is it permissible for the OSU coaches to be employed at this clinic?


No.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 5/9/14-  Coaching Clinic Sponsored by a Recruiting or Scouting Service (I) – states that  an athletics department staff member may not be employed (either on a salaried or a volunteer basis) in any capacity by a coaches clinic established, sponsored or conducted by an individual or organization that provides recruiting or scouting services concerning prospective student-athletes, even if prospective student athletes are not involved in the coaches clinic.


[References: NCAA Division I Bylaw (camp/clinic providing recruiting or scouting service) and staff interpretation (04/01/11, Item No. a)]

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