Daily Compliance Item 5/12/14-, 17.02.12- Voluntary Meeting with Coach in the Summer

Bo Gee is a golf student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Bo had a bit of a rough season this spring and wants to make sure he is doing the right things over the summer to improve his game.  Bo asks the coach if he can set up a meeting with him one day this summer to discuss ways he can get better.


Is this permissible?


Yes with conditions.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 11/7/91-  Individual consultation with a coach initiated voluntarily by a student-athlete – states that  individual consultation with a coaching staff member initiated voluntarily by a student-athlete is not a countable athletically related activity, provided any discussion between the coach and the student-athlete is limited to general counseling activities and does not involve activities set forth in (e.g., chalk talk; use of equipment relating to the sport; field, floor or on-court activity).


[References: (noncountable athletically related activities); (activities considered as practice)]

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