Daily Compliance Item- 4/17/12- 12.5.1

Ocean State University (OSU) athletic department recently signed a contract wth a new apparel manufacturer, so the athletic department would like to create a catalog to promote the new clothing line. The catalog will only include the new products the institution will be selling.  Can OSU use its student-athletes to model clothes for the catalog?


Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 6/8/90- Student-athlete modeling institution’s clothing for institutional promotion- states that it is permissible for a student-athlete to model clothing (e.g., t-shirts, sweatshirts) in a catalog designed solely to promote the sale of institutional products (the sale of which may generate revenue only for the institution).


[Note: This staff minute replaces Item No. 1-(f) of the December 1, 1987, staff minute, which now has been archived in the legislative services data base.]

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