Daily Compliance Item- 4.27.15- Temporary Replacement

A women’s basketball assistant coach at Ocean State University (OSU) left last week to become a head coach at another institution.  OSU does not want to fall behind in recruiting, so the head coach would like to elevate the Director of Basketball Operations to a countable coach until they hire a replacement.  The Director of Basketball Operations has taken and passed the coaches’ exam.  Is this permissible?
Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- Staff Interpretation- 4/26/13-  Noncountable Coaches and Noncoaching Staff Members Serving as Countable Coaches (I) – states that an institution may temporarily employ and compensate a noncountable coach (e.g., volunteer coach) or noncoaching staff member as a countable coach if the regular countable coach has left the program, provided the institution does not exceed the total number of countable coaches for the sport. Further, the noncountable coach or noncoaching staff member may return to his or her original position once a permanent countable coach is employed by the institution.
  [References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 11.01.3 (coach, graduate assistant — bowl subdivision football and women’s rowing); 11.01.5 (coach, volunteer); 11.5.1 (annual certification requirement); (noncoaching activities); (exception — noncoaching staff member with sport specific responsibilities) and official interpretation (02/19/87, Item No. 17) which has been archived]
Jennifer M. Condaras 
Associate Commissioner
BIG EAST Conference

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