Daily Compliance Item- 2.18.15- 17.02.5- Scrimmages

Ocean State University (OSU) women’s lacrosse coaches were approached by a local Division I institution to participate in a scrimmage during the championship season. OSU is already at their maximum 17 dates of competition.  As long as no score is kept during the scrimmage, can OSU participate and not have to count it as a date of competition?
No.  NCAA Bylaw 17.02.5 states that a date of competition is a single date on which any game(s), match(es), meet(s), exhibition(s), scrimmage(s) or joint practice session(s) with another institution’s team takes place, regardless of its formality, between an intercollegiate athletics team or individual representing a member institution and any other team or individual not representing the intercollegiate athletics program of the same member institution. (Revised: 1/10/91)

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