Daily Compliance Item- 11/24/14- Sending Electronic Correspondence During a Game

Ocean State University (OSU) women’s basketball team was playing a home contest last night.  There was a last minute decision to stream the game live on OSU’s website, so right after tip-off the director of operations sent a text message to all of their junior and senior recruits to let them know of the opportunity to watch the game.  
Was is permissible for the director of operations to text these recruits during OSU’s game last night?
Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 11/21/14- Permissible Electronic Correspondence Sent During an Institution’s Athletics Contest (I)– states that an institutional staff member may send permissible electronic correspondence (e.g., electronic mail, Instant Messenger, facsimiles and text messages) to prospective student-athletes during the conduct of the institution’s intercollegiate athletics contests.
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (during conduct of athletics contest), 13.4.1 (recruiting materials and electronic correspondence — general rule), (electronic correspondence — general rule), (exception — cross country/track and field, football and swimming and diving), and staff interpretation (10/14/98, Item No. c), which has been archived]

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