Summer Daily Compliance Item 5/27/14- 13.02.12 and all-star games

PLEASE NOTE:  This week begins the summer DCI schedule, so over the next couple of months there will only be one or two items a week or when timely information presents itself.  Daily service will resume in August.


Ocean State University has two incoming basketball student-athletes that will be enrolling in summer school on June 1st.
Both of these individuals have been invited to participate in all-star games in the month of July.  Since they will be considered student-athletes as of June 1st (summer school enrollment date), can they participate in the all-star games?


Yes with the approval of the blanket waiver by the Division I Legislative Counciul Subcommittee for Legislative Relief.


The NCAA Division I Legislative Council Subcommittee for Legislative Relief approved a blanket waiver to allow incoming student-athletes whom, per NCAA Bylaw 13.02.12, are no longer considered prospective student-athletes as a result of attending classes during the summer term to participate in a high school or two-year college all-star contest.  In issuing this waiver, the subcommittee noted the celebratory nature of all-star contests as a culmination of a high school or two-year college athletics career. Additionally, the subcommittee noted the minimal competitive advantage gained as a result of participation in a high school or two-year college all-star contest.  Given the timing of these all-star events, incoming student-athletes would potentially be otherwise required to forego the opportunity to participate in an all-star contest or delay summer school enrollment in order to participate in the event.


See Case No. 675651 in Requests/Self-Reports Online (RSRO) via the search tab.

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