Daily Compliance Item- 1/7/13- 13.2.5- Loan for Prospect

Wheel Route is a senior in high school and will be signing a National Letter of Intent next month with Ocean State University (OSU) to play football.  Wheel attends a private high school with a tuition cost of $12,000 a year.  Wheel’s parents both work but have struggled to pay for his high school educational expenses.  The coaches at OSU have offered to help Wheel get a loan to pay off the tuition bill.

Is this permissible?  No.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 10/22/97- Educational Loans to Prospects- states that the provisions of NCAA Bylaw 13.2.5 do not permit an institution to arrange a loan for a prospect for the purpose of paying off an educational debt (e.g., high-school tuition) incurred prior to initial, full-time collegiate enrollment. [Reference: 13.2.5 (loans to prospects)]


This legislation is applicable to Division I and II.

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