Daily Compliance Item- 3/27/12-

The men’s and women’s soccer student-athletes at Ocean State University are going to participate in a fundraising activity this weekend for the United Way.  A local bank would like to provide t-shirts for this event to all the volunteers, including the student-athletes.  The t-shirts will have the United Way logo on them along with the name and date of the event.  Is it permissible for the student-athletes to get a t-shirt?
Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 2/28/90- Student-athlete receiving award for participation in charitable fundraiser- states that in regard to student-athletes who participate in a charitable fundraiser to raise funds for a charitable organization, which was sponsored by the member institution or by the charitable organization, noting that local merchants wish to provide awards to the participants; determined that such an arrangement would not be precluded provided the award item is of nominal value and the award is properly personalized for the event (e.g., t-shirt).

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