Daily Compliance Item- 3/26/12-

The Ocean State University (OSU) women’s tennis team competed this past weekend, but because of inclement weather two of the singles matches were not completed.  OSU won enough matches to win the competition even without the last two singles matches.  Since two of the student-athletes did not get to finish their matches and the results were not included in the scoring of the competition, are they charged with a season of competition?


For purposes of this example, this competition will be the student-athletes’ only participation during the 2011-12 academic year.


Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 11/18/87- Use of season of competition when event is not completed- states that student-athletes would be charged with a season of competition for any event (including scrimmages) in which they started participation; regardless of whether they finish (i.e.,discontinued game due to inclement weather, contestant drops out of event) that particular event or contest. Determined that the student-athlete would be charged with a season of competition regardless of whether that individuals performance was included in the final scoring of the event. Referred to LIC for confirmation.

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