Daily Compliance Item- 11/26/13- 16.12.1- Lodging Expenses for an International Student-Athlete

Ocean State University (OSU) men’s basketball student-athletes have the following schedule during the upcoming Christmas vacation period:

Required to remain on campus for practice until December 15th.

Permitted to go home from December 15th – December 22nd.

Return to campus December 23rd for holiday tournament

There are two international student-athletes on the team that are unable to go home during the break, and the dorms will be closed during that time.  Can OSU provide expenses for the international student-athletes to stay in a hotel from December 15th – 22nd while the team is not required to remain on campus?

Yes.  An 11/21/2000 previously approved incidental expense waiver allowed an an institution to provide expenses for meals and lodging for international student-athletes from December 15 to December 22.  There were no members of the men’s basketball team who resided within driving distance of the university and who could host the student-athlete during that time period.

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