Daily Compliance Item- 4.26.17- Meals During Unofficial Visits

The Ocean State University (OSU) baseball coaches are hosting their annual junior day event during this weekend’s home series against their cross-town rival. Although many of the prospects are invited, OSU does not provide expenses for them to attend (e.g., unofficial visit). The coaches would like to meet with the prospects after the game and serve refreshments. If the prospects pay for this meal, is it permissible for the coaches to provide food during an unofficial visit?

Yes. NCAA Staff Interpretation- 4/12/17- Food and Beverage During Unofficial Visits (I)- states that during an unofficial visit, an institution may provide food and beverages to a prospective student-athlete and individuals accompanying the prospective student-athlete (even if the meal is not open to the public), provided the prospective student-athlete pays the actual cost.

[References: Bylaws: (unofficial visit); (general restrictions); (meals); 13.7.3 (activities during unofficial visits); and an official interpretation, 8/27/1992 Item Ref. 2 (institution organizing picnic for prospects and prospects’ parents during unofficial visit), which has been archived]

Jennifer M. Condaras
Deputy Commissioner, NCAA Relations & Administration
Colonial Athletic Association

The opinions expressed in the Daily Compliance Item are the author’s and the author’s alone, and are not endorsed by TheCOLONIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION or JumpForward. The Daily Compliance Item is not a substitute for a compliance office, case specific research, or the NCAA Bylaws. Do some homework, ask around, and get it right.

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