Daily Compliance Item 3/12/14- Golf Practice Round

The Ocean State University Men’s Golf Team had the below schedule yesterday:

9am- Practice Round

3pm- 4pm- Strength and Conditioning Workout

The actual length of time for the practice round was 5 hours.

Is this permissible?

No.  The institution would not be permitted to conduct a strength and conditioning workout after conducting a practice/qualifying round that exceeded the four hour daily limit because they would have already exceeded the daily limit.

NCAA Bylaw states that a practice round of golf may exceed the four-hours-per-day limitation, but the weekly limit of 20 hours shall remain in effect. A practice round played on the day prior to the start of a intercollegiate golf tournament at the tournament site shall count as three hours, regardless of the actual duration of the round. (Adopted: 1/10/91 effective 8/1/91, Revised: 1/16/93)

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