Daily Compliance Item- 2.19.15-, 13.6- Official Visits

Ocean State University men’s basketball coaches wants to provide an expense paid campus visit to a highly recruited  prospect that has not yet signed a National Letter of Intent.  This prospect wants to take the visit during the first couple of days in April, which is a quiet period. 
Is it permissible for the prospect to take an official visit during a quiet period?  Can the coaches have off-campus contact with the prospect during this visit?
Yes and yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 2/19/15- Contact and Ground Transportation to/from Bus or Train Station or Airport during Official Visit Outside a Contact Period (I)- states that at any time other than a dead period and, in women’s basketball, during the July evaluation periods, institutional staff members may have contact with a prospective student-athlete within 30-miles of the institution’s campus during the prospective student-athlete’s official visit.
Further, ground transportation provided by any member of the institution’s athletics department staff for a prospective student-athlete, his or her parents, relatives or legal guardians for an official visit between the campus and any bus or train station or airport outside of the 30-mile radius of the institution’s campus is not considered a contact.
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 13.02.4 (contact), (evaluation period), (quiet period), (dead period), (general restrictions — staff members and governing board), 13.1.5 (contacts), (sports other than football and basketball), (football), (men’s basketball), (women’s basketball), (additional restrictions – July evaluation periods), (from airport or bus or train station) 13.6 (official visit), (July evaluation periods – women’s basketball) and (meals on official visit)]

Daily Compliance Item- 1.19.15- Cancelled Official Visit

Dub L. Team is a basketball prospect interested in enrolling at Ocean State University (OSU) next year.  Dub was supposed to take an official visit yesterday and today on OSU’s campus.  Due to inclement weather, OSU cancelled all official visits.  Unfortunately the coaches were not able to contact Dub  prior to him getting on his flight. Dub  was met at the airport by one of the assistant coaches and immediately returned home. Given the circumstances, will Dub be permitted to reschedule an official visit with OSU?
  Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 2/10/89-  Prospect permitted additional official visit after the initial visit was canceled – states that  in regard to an institution that canceled its expense-paid visits during a particular weekend due to inclement weather and attempted to notify each prospect of this decision, noting that one prospective student-athlete did not receive notification, was met at the airport in the institution’s home community by one of the institution’s coaches and immediately returned home; determined that inasmuch as the prospective student- -athlete never visited the institution’s campus or home community, the institution still would be permitted to provide that prospect with an official visit (including round-trip air transportation) to the member institution with the understanding that the contact at the airport between the coach and the prospect would count as one of the institution’s three permissible off-campus contacts with that prospect per Bylaw

Daily Compliance Item- 12.22.14-, Competition During an Official Visit

Kick Board is a senior prospective student-athlete that is interested in participating on Ocean State University’s (OSU) swim team next year.  Last weekend, Kick visited the OSU campus for an official visit.  While he was in town for the visit, he also competed in a national competition at a local swim club.  The coaches provided Kick a campus tour on the morning of the competition and then drove him to the pool.    
Are there any issues with the above scenario?
Yes.  While it was okay for OSU to provide an official visit to Kick during the same weekend he had a competition, it was not permissible for OSU to transport him to and from the competition or have contact with Kick on the day of the competition.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 12/19/14- Prospective Student-Athlete Participating in Competition During an Official Visit (I)- states that a prospective student-athlete may participate in competition that is not conducted by the institution during his or her official visit. Further, an institution may provide travel expenses to and from campus for the official visit, provided the competition occurs within the 48-hour period of the official visit and the institution does not pay additional expenses associated with the competition (e.g., transportation to or from the competition, meals during the competition, registration fee). The staff noted that, in sports other than basketball, contact may not be made with the prospective student-athlete prior to any athletics competition in which the he or she is a participant during the day or days of competition. In basketball, in-person contact may not be made with a prospective student-athlete or the prospective student-athlete’s relatives or legal guardians during the day of the prospective student-athlete’s competition (e.g., before and after the competition). 
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (practice or competition site), (visit while competing in open event), 13.6.4 (length of official visit), (48-hour period defined), and 13.11.1 (prohibited activities); staff interpretations (12/21/88, Item No. j) which has been archived, (1/25/95, Item No. c); and (5/9/07, Item No. 1)]

Daily Compliance Item- 2/26/13- Snacks for Siblings on OV

High Post is a prospective student-athlete being recruited by a lot of Division I basketball coaches across the country.  High is going to take an official visit to Ocean State University (OSU) this weekend, and he would like to bring his parents and little brother Low with him.  Low is in first grade and is a huge basketball fan.

The Athletic Director will be hosting High and his family at his house Saturday night for dessert.  Since OSU cannot provide meals for Low, does High’s family have to pay the cost of the dessert for Low?

No.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 5/8/92- Brother or sister of prospect provided an after-meal snack– states that during an official visit, the sibling of a prospective student-athlete may receive a dessert or after-dinner snack at the home of an institutional staff member (e.g., the director of athletics, coach, faculty member or the institution’s president).

NCAA Bylaw– The cost of actual meals, not to exceed three per day, on the official visit for a prospective student-athlete and the prospective student-athlete’s parents, legal guardians, spouse or children need not be included in the $40-per-day entertainment expense. Meals must be comparable to those provided to student-athletes during the academic year. A reasonable snack (e.g., pizza, hamburger) may be provided in addition to the three meals.