Daily Compliance Item- 10/28/14-, Parent Who is a Coach Going to Child’s NLI Signing Event

Men’s Basketball Coach at Ocean State University (OSU) has a daughter that is a senior in high school and is going to sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI) next month to play basketball at another Division I institution.  There are three other seniors at the daughter’s high school that will be signing NLIs to participate in various sports at the Division I level.  This is the first year ever that this high school has had students sign NLIs, so the athletic director and principal want to conduct a small event for the families while the students sign their paperwork.

Is it permissible for the OSU coach to attend his daughter’s signing event?
Yes with conditions.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 2/27/08- Coach Who Is A Prospective Student-Athlete’s Parent or Legal Guardian Attending Letter-of-Intent-Signing (I/II)- states that a coach who is a prospective-student-athlete’s parent or legal guardian may attend and observe a letter-of-intent signing activity that involves the coach’s son or daughter (or individual for which the coach is a legal guardian) in addition to other prospective-student-athletes,provided the attendance does not involve any personal contact with any other prospective-student-athletes.
[References:  NCAA Divisions I and II Bylaws (permissible recruiters-general exceptions), Division I Bylaw (letter-of-intent signing), and Division II Bylaw (letter-of-intent signing)]