Daily Compliance Item- 9/29/14- Change in Degree Program

Spot Kick is a soccer student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU).  Spot is a junior and currently pursuing a degree in Biology.  Spot is not happy with his classes and would like to change his desired degree program to Environmental Science.  OSU’s policy allows students to change their major at any point during the fall semester.  If Spot changes his major now, will his hours have to count toward Biology or Environmental Science for purposes of meeting NCAA progress toward degree requirements at the conclusion of the semester?
Spot’s credit hours can count toward Biology or Environmental Science.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 11-10-89- Change of degree program during term time– states that in regard to a student-athlete who is permitted to change his or her designated degree program during term time in accordance with institutional policy and determined that the degree credits the student-athlete earns during that term can be applicable toward the degree previously sought or toward the new desired degree for satisfactory progress purposes.