Daily Compliance Item- 11/8/12- 13.17.6- Lacrosse Evaluations

The women’s lacrosse coaches at Ocean State University are finalizing their recruiting trips for the month of November.  There is a high profile tournament being held in conjunction with the coaches’ convention on November 16-18.  Here is the recruiting calendar breakdown:

16th- contact period (no evaluations permitted)

17th- evaluation period

18th- evaluation period

The coaches would like to evaluate all three days of the tournament.  Is this permissible?


No.  NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Recruiting Calendar states that evaluations of prospects participating in lacrosse activities are limited to the three weekends (Saturday and Sunday) prior to Thanksgiving.

This is an actual fact pattern and the NCAA has approved a blanket SLR waiver to allow coaches to evaluate on Friday the 16th.–NCAA Division I Legislative Council Subcommittee for Legislative Relief Approves Blanket Waiver for NCAA Bylaw 13.17.6 (women’s lacrosse). November 2, 2012.  The NCAA Division I Legislative Council Subcommittee for Legislative Relief approved a blanket waiver to permit Division I women’s lacrosse coaches to attend the November 16, 2012, Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) President’s Cup tournament.  The Division I recruiting period legislation specifies that evaluations of prospective student-athletes in women’s lacrosse activities are limited to the three weekends (Saturday and Sunday) prior to Thanksgiving.  In issuing this waiver, the subcommittee noted the IWLCA supports the waiver and the President’s Cup tournament start date was changed to accommodate the unexpected high number of teams registered to participate.  The subcommittee also noted the IWLCA annual meeting and President’s Cup tournament are held in conjunction to maximize efficiency for both women’s lacrosse coaches and prospective student-athletes.  In addition, the subcommittee noted Division II and Division III women’s lacrosse coaches are permitted to evaluate at the tournament Friday, November 16.  Finally, the subcommittee noted this as a one-time request and future similar requests may be denied.  See Case No. 290866 in AMA Online via the search tab.


PLEASE NOTE:  The women’s lacrosse recruiting calendar has been updated to reflect these contact periods.  As a reminder, coaches are permitted to make unlimited phone calls during a contact period.

As noted in the waiver, Division II institutions were already permitted to evaluate on Friday the 16th.

Daily Compliance Item- 11/7/12- Complimentary Admissions

The Ocean State University women’s basketball team will be hosting a WNIT game at their on-campus facility in a few weeks.  During that particular weekend, the team will be hosting 3 prospective student-athletes on official visits.  Is it permissible to provide these prospects with complimentary admissions to the WNIT game?

Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 7/2/03- Complimentary Admissions to Preseason Events (I)- states that a member institution may provide complimentary admissions to a prospect to attend preseason (as distinguished from postseason) home athletics events. [References: NCAA Proposal Nos. 2003-1 and 2003-2, Bylaws (entertainment/tickets on official visit – general restrictions), (NCAA championships or other postseason events), (entertainment/tickets on unofficial visit – general restrictions), (home games outside regular facility) and (NCAA championships and other postseason events) and 8/22/90, official interpretation, item 14, which has been archived.].


This piece of legislation is applicable to Division I.

Daily Compliance Item- 10/31/12- Personalized Recruiting Aids

M.T. Backfield is a prospective student-athlete interested in playing football at Ocean State University (OSU) next year.  M.T. is visiting OSU’s campus today for an official visit.  Since it is Halloween, the OSU coaches decorated M.T.’s hotel room by spelling out his name in candy on the bed.

Is this permissible?

No.  NCAA Bylaw states that an institution may not arrange miscellaneous, personalized recruiting aids (e.g., personalized jerseys, personalized audio/video scoreboard presentations) and may not permit a prospective student-athlete to engage in any game-day simulations (e.g., running onto the field with the team during pregame introductions) during an official visit. Personalized recruiting aids include any decorative items and special additions to any location the prospective student-athlete will visit (e.g., hotel room, locker room, coach’s office, conference room, arena) regardless of whether the items include the prospective student-athlete’s name or picture.

This fact pattern is an actual secondary violation posted on LSDBi.  The violation was discovered after another institution saw that the prospect had posted a photo of the candy on his Facebook page.  The institution was penalized recruiting opportunities during the current academic year. In addition, the student-athlete was deemed ineligible for intercollegiate competition at the institution until his eligibility was restored by the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement staff.  This is a Division I case.

Daily Compliance Item- 10/25/12- 13.9.1- Requirements to Send Offer of Athletic Aid

Ocean State University is preparing for the upcoming National Letter of Intent (NLI) early signing period.  Which of the following is true with regard to the requirements that must be met before the coaches can send a prospect an NLI and written offer of athletic aid?


A.  Prospect must be placed on Ocean State University’s institutional request list (IRL) with the NCAA Eligibility Center

B.  Prospect must complete the NCAA Eligibility Center amateurism  certification questionnaire

C.  Prospect must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center

D.  All of the above


The answer is DNCAA Bylaw 13.9.1 states that the following requirements must be met before an institution may provide a written offer of athletically related financial aid (per Bylaw to a prospective student-athlete:  [D] (Adopted:  4/26/07 effective 8/1/07, Revised: 4/30/09 effective 8/1/10)

(a) A high school or preparatory school prospective student-athlete must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center;

(b) A high school or preparatory school prospective student-athlete must be placed on the institution’s institutional request list (IRL) with the NCAA Eligibility Center; and

(c) A high school, preparatory school  or transfer (if applicable) prospective student-athlete must complete the amateurism certification questionnaire administered by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Daily Compliance Item- 10/16/12- National Letter of Intent Signing Day Press Conference

The head women’s golf coach at Ocean State University (OSU) attended a local high school’s  “Senior Day” event involving Club House, a prospective student athlete.  The OSU coach participated in a public announcement of Club’s signing a national letter of intent with OSU.  Is this permissible?

No. NCAA Bylaw states that press conferences to announce a signing may be arranged independently by the prospective student-athlete (or the prospective student-athlete’s family), provided there is no arrangement or involvement whatsoever by the institution or representatives of its athletics interests.


This is a fact pattern from an actual secondary infractions case posted on LSDBi.