Daily Compliance Item- 1.25.17- Repeating a Course

Mitchell Mitt is a junior baseball student-athlete at Ocean State University. Mitchell completed 16 hours during the fall 2016 semester. Three of those hours, however, were not accepted as degree credit because he did not earn the minimum grade to fulfill graduation requirements for his degree program. Mitchell is re-taking the class during the spring 2017 semester.
Since he was not able to use the class to meet graduation requirements during the fall semester, can he use the credits earned during the spring semester as long as he earns the minimum grade required?

Yes with conditions. NCAA Bylaw states that credit for courses that are repeated may be used by a student to satisfy the minimum academic progress requirements only under the following conditions:
(a) A course repeated due to an unsatisfactory initial grade may be used only once, and only after it has been satisfactorily completed;
(b) Credit for a course that may be taken several times (e.g., a physical education activities course) shall be limited by institutional regulations; and (c) Credits earned in courses that may be taken several times may not exceed the maximum institutional limit for credits of that type for any baccalaureate degree program (or for the student’s specific baccalaureate degree program once a program has been designated).

Jennifer M. Condaras
Deputy Commissioner, NCAA Relations & Administration
Colonial Athletic Association

The opinions expressed in the Daily Compliance Item are the author’s and the author’s alone, and are not endorsed by The COLONIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION or JumpForward. The Daily Compliance Item is not a substitute for a compliance office, case specific research, or the NCAA Bylaws. Do some homework, ask around, and get it right.

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