Daily Compliance Item- 9.15.16- Audio/Video Materials to Recruits

Ocean State University women’s basketball coaches would to create animated files to send to recruits. Are there restrictions to follow with these types of items?

Yes. NCAA Staff Interpretation- 9/14/16- Animation is Video/Audio Material (I)– states that animation (e.g., animated GIF, interactive PDF) is video/audio material. Therefore, institutions must meet the parameters in pertaining to audio/video materials when creating such files. NCAA Bylaw states that an institution may not produce video or audio materials to show to, play for or provide to a prospective student-athlete except as specified in this section. Permissible video or audio material may only be provided to a prospective student-athlete via permissible electronic correspondence, except as provided in Bylaw [D] (Adopted: 1/11/94 effective 8/1/94, Revised: 1/9/96 effective 8/1/96, 12/12/06, 1/8/07, 1/16/10, 3/29/10, 4/28/11 effective 8/1/11, 6/13/11, 1/18/14 effective 8/1/14)

The opinions expressed in the Daily Compliance Item are the author’s and the author’s alone, and are not endorsed by The COLONIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION or JumpForward. The Daily Compliance Item is not a substitute for a compliance office, case specific research, or the NCAA Bylaws. Do some homework, ask around, and get it right.

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