Daily Compliance Item- 9.8.16-, Football Student-Athlete Regaining Eligibility

Scoop N. Score is a junior football student-athlete that transferred to Ocean State University (OSU) in January of 2016. Scoop earned 8 hours during the fall 2015 semester at James River Institute (JRI), his previous institution, and a total of 27 hours by the conclusion of the 2016 summer term at OSU.

Academic Summary:

*Scoop did not complete 9 hours during the fall 2015 term at JRI– not eligible to compete in the first four games during the next season (fall 2016) per Bylaw

*Scoop earned 27 hours prior to the start of the fall 2016 semester (fall 2015- 8 hours at JRI; spring 2016- 13 hours at OSU; summer 2016- 6 hours at OSU). For purposes of this example, all hours earned were acceptable toward any degree program at the respective institutions and Scoop met all other NCAA/OSU PTD requirements.

*Scoop regained eligibility for the third and fourth football contest during the 2016 season per Bylaw

*Scoop is serving a transfer year in residence at OSU from January 2016 to December 2016.

Because Scoop was not eligible to compete during the 2016 season, does the 2 game penalty apply to the 2016 season or is it delayed until the 2017 season?

The penalty is applied to the next season (fall 2016) regardless of whether Scoop was eligible to compete.

NCAA Staff Interpretation- 4/5/12-Football Additional Credit Hour Requirements — Application of the Two- or Four-Game Penalty to the Following Playing Season (I)– states that, in football, the two- or four-game penalty for failure to successfully complete at least nine-semester hours or eight-quarter hours of academic credit during the fall term and earn the Academic Progress Rate (APR) eligibility point for the fall term applies to the immediately ensuing playing season. Further, that the penalty is satisfied if the student-athlete does not compete in that season, regardless of whether the student-athlete is eligible for competition (e.g., fulfilling a transfer residence requirement, enrolled less than full-time, etc.).

[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (fulfillment of credit-hour requirements), (additional requirements — football), (regaining eligibility for two contests), (regaining full eligibility — one-time exception), and staff interpretations (1/20/12, Item No. a), (2/16/12, Item No. a) and (2/16/12, Item No. b)]

The opinions expressed in the Daily Compliance Item are the author’s and the author’s alone, and are not endorsed by The COLONIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION or JumpForward. The Daily Compliance Item is not a substitute for a compliance office, case specific research, or the NCAA Bylaws. Do some homework, ask around, and get it right.

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