Daily Compliance Item- 1.22.16- Cancelled Official Visits

Full Back is a football prospect interested in enrolling at Ocean State University (OSU) next year. Full is supposed to take an official visit today and tomorrow on OSU’s campus. Due to inclement weather, OSU cancelled all official visits. Unfortunately the coaches were not able to contact Full prior to him getting on his flight. Full will be met at the airport by one of the assistant coaches and immediately returned home. Given the circumstances, will Full be permitted to reschedule an official visit with OSU? Yes. NCAA Staff Interpretation- 2/10/89– Prospect permitted additional official visit after the initial visit was canceled – states that in regard to an institution that canceled its expense-paid visits during a particular weekend due to inclement weather and attempted to notify each prospect of this decision, noting that one prospective student-athlete did not receive notification, was met at the airport in the institution’s home community by one of the institution’s coaches and immediately returned home; determined that inasmuch as the prospective student- -athlete never visited the institution’s campus or home community, the institution still would be permitted to provide that prospect with an official visit (including round-trip air transportation) to the member institution with the understanding that the contact at the airport between the coach and the prospect would count as one of the institution’s three permissible off-campus contacts with that prospect per Bylaw

Jennifer M. Condaras
Associate Commissioner
BIG EAST Conference

The opinions expressed in the Daily Compliance Item are the author’s and the author’s alone, and are not endorsed by The BIG EAST Conference, JumpForward, or the Collegiate Sports Group of Bond, Schoeneck, and King. The Daily Compliance Item is not a substitute for a compliance office, case specific research, or the NCAA Bylaws. Do some homework, ask around, and get it right.

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