Daily Compliance Item- 5.19.15- 15.2.8, Summer Aid Agreement

Ocean State University is providing several student-athletes with athletic aid to attend summer school.  Is the institution required to provide these student-athletes with a written grant-in-aid agreement noting the amount, etc.?
No.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 7/30/12-  Notification of Summer Financial Aid Award (I) – states that  an institution that is providing a financial aid award to a student-athlete for attendance at the institution’s summer session is not required to provide the recipient with a written statement of the amount, duration, conditions or terms of the award.
  [References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 15.2.8 (summer financial aid) and (written statement requirement); a staff interpretation (5/31/12, Item c) and an official interpretation (10/14/92, Item No. 5-c-(4)) which have been archived]
Jennifer M. Condaras 
Associate Commissioner
BIG EAST Conference

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