Daily Compliance Item- 5.4.15-, Noninstitutional Camps

A few Ocean State University coaches will be working at noninstitutional camps this summer.  Which of the following is permissible?
A.  The coaches can promote the camp on their personal websites.
B.  The coaches can provide quotes to be included in promotional camp materials that are produced by the noninstitutional camp.
C.  The coaches can include their employment at these camps in emails to prospects.
D.  None of the above.
The answer is B.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 5/1/15- Institutional Promotion of Noninstitutional Camps and Clinics (I)- states that a member of the institution’s coaching staff who is employed at a noninstitutional camp or clinic may only promote or endorse such a camp or clinic by permitting the camp or clinic to use his or her quotations and/or pictures in its promotional materials (e.g., camp brochure, website, social media). It is not otherwise permissible for an institution or an institution’s coaching staff member to produce and/or post noninstitutional camp or clinic promotional material (e.g., camp brochure, website, social media). In addition, it is not permissible for the institution or the institution’s coaching staff member to include information regarding a noninstitutional camp or clinic, in which the coach is employed, in general or electronic correspondence.
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (quotations and pictures used to promote a camp), (consultant for or endorsement of noninstitutional athletics events involving prospective student-athletes), (general correspondence),, (electronic correspondence — general rule), (recruiting advertisements), (athletics staff members), (noninstitutional, privately owned camps/clinics — bowl subdivision football), (noninstitutional, privately owned camps/clinics — championships subdivision football), (institutional/noninstitutional, privately owned camps/clinics — women’s volleyball) and (other noninstitutional privately owned camps/clinics — sports other than basketball, football and women’s volleyball)]
Jennifer M. Condaras 
Associate Commissioner
BIG EAST Conference

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