Daily Compliance Item- 3.9.15- Departure for Foreign Tour

The Ocean State University (OSU) volleyball team will participating in a foreign tour during OSU’s spring break period (Saturday, March 14th – Sunday, March 22nd).  The coaches would like to leave on an 8am flight on friday the 13th to take advantage of lower air fares.  Only two student-athletes on the team have classes on friday, but they were able to make arrangements with their professors to turn in any assignments before the trip.  Is it permissible for the team to leave friday morning for the foreign tour?
No.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 2/28/14-  Departure for Foreign Tour Competition Prior to an Official Vacation Period (I) – states that it is permissible for student-athletes to depart for a foreign tour prior to the start of the institution’s official vacation period, provided all participating student-athletes have completed their classes or exams and no special arrangements are made to rearrange classes or exams.
  [References: NCAA Division I Bylaw (timing of tour); and a staff interpretation (12/2/08, Item No. a), which has been archived]

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