Daily Compliance Item- 2.20.15- 17.02.1, Field Preparation

Many of the athletic fields on Ocean State University’s (OSU) campus are still buried in the snow.  The cleanup is too much for the limited facilities staff, so many of the student-athletes have had to help clear and line the fields for practices and games.  
If the coaches are supervising the student-athletes with this field preparation, does the time spent have to count as a countable athletically related activity?
No.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 12/21/11- Student-Athlete Performing Required Field or Facility Preparation or Maintenance (I)- states that field or facility preparation or maintenance that is performed by a student-athlete, related to practice or competition and required, supervised or monitored by a coaching staff member is not a countable athletically related activity.
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 17.02.1 (countable athletically related activities), (daily and weekly hour limitations — playing season), (weekly hour limitations — outside the playing season); and a staff interpretation (10/20/11, Item No. a), which has been archived]

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