Daily Compliance Item- 2.10.15-, 12.8.4- Hardship Waiver and Nonchampionship Segment

Jump Serve is a volleyball student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Jump fractured her ankle  in late September 2014 and was unable to compete for the remainder of the championship season.  Because of her injury, Jump  received a hardship waiver from the Ocean Eleven Conference office. 
Since Jump received a hardship waiver, is she permitted to compete during the 2015 nonchampionship segment?
Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 3/31/04-  Competition in the Nonchampionship Segment After Qualifying for a Hardship Waiver in the Championship Segment (I/II) – states that  a student-athlete who uses a season of competition in a sport listed in Division I Bylaw or Division II Bylaw may be granted a hardship waiver even if he or she subsequently participates during the nonchampionship segment, with the understanding that the injury or illness that occurred during the championship segment resulted in the student-athlete’s incapacity to participate for the remainder of the championship segment.  
[References:  Division I Bylaws (exception – women’s volleyball, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, field hockey, men’s water polo) and 14.2.4 (hardship waiver); Division II Bylaws (exception – women’s volleyball, field hockey, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s water polo) and 14.2.5 (hardship waiver); and a 1/14/88 official interpretation, Item No. 24, and a 7/10/02 staff confirmation, item 1b, which have been archived.]
  NCAA Bylaw states that in field hockey, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, women’s volleyball and men’s water polo, a student-athlete may engage in outside competition during the segment of the playing season that does not conclude with the NCAA championship without using a season of competition, provided the student-athlete was academically eligible during the segment that concludes with the NCAA championship. (Adopted: 11/1/01, Revised: 8/8/02, 10/31/02, 5/9/06)

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