Daily Compliance Item- 2.4.15- 11.01.3- GA Coaches Serving at Multiple Institutions

One of Ocean State University’s (OSU) football graduate assistant coaches just completed his first year at the institution.  Beginning in the fall, he would like to also serve as a graduate assistant coach for another small, local college that OSU does not compete against.  Is this permissible?  
Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 2/2/15- Graduate Assistant Coach Serving at Multiple Institutions and Credit Hour Requirements for Serving Third Year (I)- states that an individual may serve as a graduate assistant coach for more than one member institution.
Further, the 24-semester or 36-quarter hour requirement to serve as a graduate assistant coach for a third year must be satisfied using only credits successfully completed during the individual’s initial two-year period while enrolled in a graduate program at the certifying institution.
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaw 11.01.3 (coach, graduate assistant – bowl subdivision football and women’s rowing.); staff interpretations 02/05/97; and 04/14/89, which has been archived]

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