Daily Compliance Item- 1.8.15- Mid-Year Replacement

Setter is a volleyball student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU) who graduated this past December.  Although she has exhausted her eligibility for volleyball,Setter  is going to enroll this spring in a graduate program and participate on the softball team.  The volleyball team is currently using all 12 scholarships.  If OSU continues to provide her with athletic aid, can the coach use the mid-year replacement legislation and provide a scholarship to a freshman that just initially enrolled spring 2015?
Yes.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 4/22/11- Midyear Replacement of a Multisport Participant (I)- states that an institution may replace a football or women’s volleyball student-athlete who graduates at midyear or who graduated during the previous academic year (including the summer) with another counter (who, in football; shall count as an initial counter), even if the student-athlete being “replaced” remains enrolled as a graduate student receiving athletically related financial aid and/or participates in another sport.
[References: NCAA Bylaws (midyear replacement – women’s volleyball), (midyear replacement) and official interpretation (6/3/98, Item No 1), which has been archived]
NCAA Bylaw states that in women’s volleyball, the financial aid of a counter who graduates at midyear or who graduates during the previous academic year (including summer) may be provided to another student-athlete without making the second student-athlete a counter for the remainder of that academic year. (Adopted: 1/11/89, Revised:  1/16/10 effective 8/1/10)

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