Daily Compliance Item- 1.6.15- 16.10.4- Recognition by a Professional Team

The Ocean State University (OSU) men’s soccer team made it to the NCAA final four this past season.  The local professional basketball team would like to honor the student-athletes during its next home game.
Is this permissible?  Can the professional team promote the OSU team’s attendance?
Yes it is permissible for the professional team to provide complimentary admissions to the student-athletes and honor them for their achievements.  The professional team may also promote the student-athletes’ appearance at the game.  NCAA Bylaw 10.6.4 states that a student-athlete may accept complimentary admission to a professional sports contest during which the student-athlete and/or intercollegiate team is being recognized by the professional sports organization for extraordinary achievements. Further, it shall be permissible for the professional sports organization to promote this event to the general public.  [R] (Adopted: 1/9/96 effective 8/1/96)

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