Daily Compliance Item- 12.31.14- 14.5.1- Transfer Participating in Foreign Tour

Lane Violation is a basketball student-athlete that is transferring to Ocean State University (OSU) in January. Lane will serve his residence requirement during the spring 2015 and fall 2015 semesters.  OSU will be participating in a foreign tour during the summer of 2015.   As long as Lane meets all NCAA PTD requirements at the conclusion of the spring 2015 semester, he will be permitted to receive travel expenses and compete for OSU in the foreign tour.
True or False?
A.  True
B.  False
The answer is B.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 5/15/14- Eligibility for Foreign Tour If Ineligible During a Term of the Previous Academic Year (I)- states that a student-athlete who is eligible for any term during the previous academic year at the certifying institution would be eligible to compete in the institution’s foreign tour taken during the summer immediately following that same academic year. For example, if a student-athlete is eligible in the fall term at the certifying institution, but not eligible in the spring term of the same academic year, the student-athlete would be eligible to compete in the institution’s summer foreign tour taken during the summer after the conclusion of the preceding academic year.
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 14.5.1 (residence requirement — general principle); (eligibility of student-athletes) and a staff interpretation (4/2/08 Item No. a) that has been archived]
In the above scenario, Lane was not eligible during the spring 2015 semester because he was serving his residence requirement.  He would not be permitted to receive travel expenses from or compete for OSU until he completes his residence requirement.  This interpretation does not override the residence requirement.

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