CLARIFICATION ON Daily Compliance Item- 12.9.14- 14.6.1- Graduate Transfers

Please note that I should have included in the fact pattern that this student-athlete will graduate at the conclusion of the 2015 semester, prior to transferring to OSU.
Ocean State University (OSU) men’s basketball coaches are interested in having a student-athlete transfer from an Ivy League school at the end of the academic year.  Here are the facts of the situation:
1.  He meets all parameters of the one-time transfer rule (except for participation in the sport of men’s basketball).
2.  He will have one year of eligibility left at thr conclusion of the 2014-15 academic year.
3.  He is not receiving an athletic scholarship as Ivy League schools do not allow them.
Can this student-athlete use the exception to transfer and be immediately eligible at OSU in the fall of 2015?
No.  NCAA 14.6.1 states that a student-athlete must meet all 3 parameters of the legislation in order to qualify for the exception.  Because this student-athlete is not receiving an athletic scholarship, he does not meet the “did not renew his/her athletically related aid” parameter.
Please keep in mind that OSU can seek an SLR waiver in order to allow immediate eligibility.  There is case precedent posted on LSDBi for particular fact patterns.  
NCAA Bylaw 14.6.1 states that a graduate student who is enrolled in a graduate or professional school of an institution other than the institution from which he or she previously received a baccalaureate degree may participate in intercollegiate athletics if the student fulfills the conditions of the one-time transfer exception set forth in Bylaw  and has eligibility remaining per Bylaw 12.8.  A graduate student who does not meet the one-time transfer exception due to the restrictions of Bylaw shall qualify for this exception, provided: 
(a) The student fulfills the remaining conditions of Bylaw;
(b) The student has at least one season of competition remaining; and
(c) The student’s previous institution did not renew his or her athletically related financial aid for the following academic year.

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