Daily Compliance Item- 11/16/14- Basketball Student-Athlete Transferring in the Spring

Trav L. Ling is currently a basketball student-athlete at Bay State College.  Trav will be transferring and enrolling at Ocean State University (OSU) this January.  Due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the transfer, Trav received a waiver of the one year residence requirement.
Since Trav is permitted to compete in January with the waiver and assuming he meets all NCAA PTD requirements, can he compete for OSU starting in the spring 2015 semester?
No.  NCAA Bylaw states that in baseball and basketball, a student-athlete who initially enrolls at the certifying institution as a full-time student after the conclusion of the first term of the academic year and qualifies for an exception to the one-year residence requirement shall not be eligible for competition until the ensuing academic year.  (Adopted:  6/24/09)

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