Daily Compliance Item- 11/19/14- Lodging at Postseason Events for Family Members

Ocean State University (OSU) men’s soccer team is participating in the first round of the NCAA tournament this weekend. A lot of parents are traveling to the game and asked if OSU can help secure rooms for them at the same discounted price that the team is receiving.
Is is permissible for OSU to secure rooms for student-athletes’ family members at a discounted price?
Yes.  NCAA Bylaw states that an institution may reserve or secure lodging at any postseason event (other than a conference event) at a reduced or special rate for the family members of a student-athlete who is a participant. It is not permissible for an institution to cover any portion of the cost of lodging, including any cost associated with reserving or securing lodging. [R] (Adopted: 10/28/99, Revised: 1/19/13 effective 8/1/13)


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