Daily Compliance Item- 11/18/14- Change in Eligibility Status

Front Court is a basketball student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU). Front was certified as academically ineligible at the start of the fall 2014 semester.  If Front earns a C or better in all four of his classes this term, he will be eligible for competition for the spring 2015 semester.  Here is a brief calendar for the men’s basketball team next month:
December 8-12- OSU Final Exam Week
December 9- Fron’t last scheduled exam
December 13- Competition at West College College
Because the team will be done with finals and Saturday’s game is in California, the team will be leaving on Thursday the 11th.
As long as Front earns the necessary grades and meets all other NCAA PTD requirements to regain his eligibility, is it permissible for him to receive travel expenses prior to the conclusion of the fall semester?
Yes.  NCAA Official Interpretation- Student-athlete receiving travel expenses when eligibility status changes- 11/19/92– states that a student-athlete who will become academically eligible at the end of a term may receive travel expenses prior to the conclusion of the term to attend a competition that occurs after the date of the last scheduled examination listed in the institution’s official calendar for that term, provided the institution can certify that the student-athlete will become eligible during that trip, and the student-athlete does not represent the institution in competition until the day after the date of the last scheduled examination.
[References: 14.12 (change in eligibility status) and (competition while representing institution)]


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