Daily Compliance Item- 11/14/14- Bowl Game Expenses for Midyear Enrollees

With last night’s win, Ocean State University (OSU) football team has qualified to participate in a bowl game. The Director of Football Operations at OSU is researching travel options for the potential bowl games they could be selected for in late December.  
OSU has three prospects that will be initialling enrolling at OSU in January.  Can OSU pay expenses for these individuals to attend the bowl game?
No.  NCAA Bylaw states that in bowl subdivision football, an institution may not provide expenses (e.g., travel, room and board, entertainment, incidental expenses, etc.) to a student-athlete who is a midyear enrollee (freshman or transfer) for participation in a postseason bowl game that occurs before or during the student-athlete’s initial term of full-time enrollment at the institution. [R] (Adopted:  4/28/05 effective 8/1/05, Revised:  12/15/06)

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