Daily Compliance Item- 10/14/14- Transferring and Fulfilling the Six Credit Hour Requirement

Flip Turn is a swimming student-athlete.  Flip was enrolled at Ocean State University at the beginning of the fall 2014 semester.  Flip decided she wanted to be closer to home, so after the 2nd week of classes she transferred to Midwest College for the start of its fall 2014 quarter.
Was Flip responsible for meeting the six credit hour requirement upon enrollment at Midwest College?
No.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 10/7/09- Sx-Hour Requirement For Eligible Student-Athletes Who Transfer During an Academic Term (I)– states that a student-athlete who transfers to the certifying institution during the same regular academic term in which he or she was enrolled full time at the previous institution (e.g., fall semester to fall semester or quarter) is not required, upon transfer, to have completed six hours of academic credit during the same regular academic term at the previous institution.
[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (fulfillment of credit-hour requirements), (transfer), (six-hour requirement for transfer), (additional application of six-hour and transfer rules — baseball), 14.5.4 (two-year college transfers), (one-time transfer exception) and staff interpretation (01/02/1991, item a), that has been archived.]

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