Daily Compliance Item- 10/7/14- Countable Athletically Related Activities- Men’s Basketball

The men’s basketball coaches at Ocean State University are planning out their preseason practice schedule to make sure they do not exceed the 30 day limit.  Do the coaches only include practices in the 30 day limit or do they have to include all countable athletically related activities (CARA)?    
All CARA counts against the 30 day limit.  NCAA Bylaw states that an institution shall not commence on-court preseason basketball practice sessions before the date that is 42 days before the date of the institution’s first regular-season contest. An institution shall not engage in more than 30 days of countable athletically related activities before its first regular-season contest. Any countable athletically related activities (e.g., conditioning, skill-related instruction) that occur within the 42-day period shall count against the 30 days of countable athletically related activities. (Revised: 4/28/05 effective 8/1/05, 1/14/08 effective 8/1/08, 5/2/13 effective 8/1/13, 1/15/14)

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