Daily Compliance Item- 10/6/14- 16.10.2- Student Teaching

Aerial is a senior women’s field hockey student-athlete at Ocean State University.  Aerial is pursuing a teaching degree and will complete her required student teaching hours at a high school this spring.  Is Aerial permitted to receive expenses associated with her student teaching from the high school?
Yes with conditions.  NCAA Bylaw 16.10.2 states that a student-athlete may accept actual and necessary travel expenses from a high school if he or she is student-teaching (even if teaching or coaching a sport) if the high school is located in a city other than the one in which the collegiate institution is located. In order for the student-athlete to accept such expenses: [R]
(a) Receipt of the expenses must be permitted by the established guidelines of the institution for other student-teacher trainees;
(b) The assigned coaching responsibilities must be a part of the supervised, evaluated teacher-training program in which the student-athlete is enrolled; and
(c) The high school must provide such expenses for all of its student-teacher trainees.


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