Daily Compliance Item- 9/12/14- Current Event

Country’s top guard Malik Newman says college coaches fall short in the texting department
It’s not that Malik Newman is saying it’s a pro or a con; it’s merely a “funny” observation based off of his experiences with the college basketball coaches that are recruiting him.
“Some coaches’ texting skills just aren’t up to par,” said Newman, a senior at Callaway (Callaway, Miss.) who is the top ranked guard in the ESPN 100. “Some of them kinda fall short in that area.”
It’s relative; a bunch of middle-aged coaches falling short of teenage standards when it comes to hammering away on a 5-inch screen 24/7; sounds about right.
Newman’s specific grievance?
Slow response time.
“Ya know I’m young so I’m expecting it to be like boom-boom; back-to-back,” Newman said with a laugh. “But they wait about 10 or 15 minutes between their responses and I’m like ‘Man come oooon!”
Still, not every coach courting Newman is slow on the draw.
The fastest responder?
Kansas assistant Jerrance Howard.
“He’s on point now,” Newman said. “Sometimes he’s faster than me.”
The slowest texter?
Connecticut head coach Kevin Ollie.
“Coach is my man, but it takes him a while to respond,” Newman said with a laugh.
Perhaps he’s adjusting to the weight of the blingage in his brand new national championship ring?
“That’s what I’m saying; that could be it!” Newman joked. “I’ve got three state title rings so I know how that can be. You eventually adjust to all that ice.”
This article was selected for educational purposes only.

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