Daily Compliance Item- 8/21/14- Attendance at Multiple High Schools

Goal Lee is a prospective student-athlete that will be playing soccer for Ocean State University this fall.  Goal attended two different high schools.  Goal must submit an official transcript from each high school he attended.
A.  True
B.  False 
The answer is ANCAA Bylaw states that for a student-athlete who attends more than one high school, a Form 48-H (core-course form) and an official transcript from each high school the student-athlete attended must be used.  However, the NCAA Eligibility Center may receive the official transcript from either the student-athlete’s original high school or the high school from which the student-athlete graduated, or an institution’s admissions office. (Adopted: 1/10/92, Revised: 4/22/98 effective 8/1/98, 3/30/06, 5/9/07, 4/26/12)

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