Daily Compliance Item- 8/4/14- Calculation Error on Preseason Practice Dates

The Ocean State University (OSU) men’s soccer student-athletes reported to campus to begin their preseason on the evening of August 1st and started practice activities on August 2nd.  On August 4th, the compliance director discovered a miscalculation with the preseason start date.  The team should not have conducted its first practice until August 5th.  Because the student-athletes received expenses prior to the first permissible date, does OSU have to request reinstatement from the NCAA.

No.  NCAA Bylaw states that a violation of Bylaw 16.5.2-(b) due to a miscalculation of the permissible start date for preseason practice shall be considered an institutional violation per Constitution 2.8.1; however, the student-athlete’s eligibility shall not be affected.

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