Daily Compliance Item 5/21/14-, Outside Consultants During Out of Season Segment

Some of the coaches at Ocean State University would like their student-athletes to work with a sports psychologist during their out-of-season segment.  Is this permissible?


Yes with conditions.  NCAA Staff Interpretation- 5/15/14-  Meeting with a Sports Psychologist Outside the Playing Season (I) – states that  an institution may require a student-athlete to meet with a sports psychologist as a permissible out-of-season conditioning activity, provided the time engaged in the sessions are included in the maximum limit of eight hours per week for countable athletically related activities outside the playing season.


In addition, in bowl subdivision football, the sports psychologist would not have to count as one of the five strength and conditioning coaches permitted to work with the football program in any capacity.


[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws (countable coach); (noncoaching activities); (use of outside consultants); (weight or strength coach); 17.02.1 (countable related activities); (weekly hour limitations — outside the playing season); and a staff interpretation (7/2/03, Item No. 1a)]

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