Daily Compliance Item 4/17/14- 17.02.1, Field Prep

The baseball coaches at Ocean State University (OSU) require their student-athletes to help prepare the field for practices by removing the tarps and lining the infield.  This prep work takes 1 hour to complete.  Since the coaches require the student-athletes to perform these jobs, are they considered CARA?


No.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 12/21/11-  Student-Athlete Performing Required Field or Facility Preparation or Maintenance (I) – states that  field or facility preparation or maintenance that is performed by a student-athlete, related to practice or competition and required, supervised or monitored by a coaching staff member is not a countable athletically related activity.


[References: NCAA Division I Bylaws 17.02.1 (countable athletically related activities), (daily and weekly hour limitations — playing season), (weekly hour limitations — outside the playing season); and a staff interpretation (10/20/11, Item No. a), which has been archived]

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