Daily Compliance Item 4/4/14- National Student-Athlete Day



April 6, 2014 will mark the 27th celebration of National STUDENT-Athlete Day. This special day will see high school and college student-athletes nationwide honored for their outstanding achievements in academics, athletics and service to their schools and communities. National STUDENT-Athlete Day is celebrated annually and has seen 3,669,875 million student-athletes honored. In 2013 alone, 229,265 student-athletes were honored. It has become one of America’s strongest endeavors promoting the positive virtues of sport and student-athletes as a whole, and the positive affect they both have on society.


How can you celebrate?
Present your school’s outstanding student-athletes with National STUDENT-Athlete Day award certificates, provided to you at no cost, hold an event on campus and let your community know about the outstanding achievements of your student-athletes and how much they’re giving back to the community they represent.


READ MORE: http://ncasports.org/programs/national-student-athlete-day/.   Visit either the high school or college information pages to request award certificates and see what you can do on your campus to celebrate the day.

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