Daily Compliance Item 3/26/14- Summer School Aid

Base Line is a full athletic scholarship men’s tennis student-athlete at Ocean State University (OSU).  Base was also awarded an academic scholarship, so his athletic aid was reduced pursuant to NCAA financial aid limits.  His equivalency against team limits is now 60%.


Base is going to attend summer school and OSU would like to provide athletic aid to help with expenses.  Which of the following is a true statement?


A.  Base may receive a 60% scholarship to attend summer school

B.  Base may receive a full scholarship to attend summer school

C.  Base may not receive any athletic aid to attend summer school

D.  None of the above


The answer is B.  NCAA Bylaw states that if an institution provides a student-athlete with a full athletics grant during the academic year but is required to reduce the grant in accordance with Bylaw 15.1.4 (reduction when excess aid is awarded), the institution may provide the student-athlete full athletically related financial aid to attend the institution’s summer term.

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