Daily Compliance Item 2/20/14- 12.1.2- Pool of Funds

The Ocean State University men’s golf student-athletes have pooled some funds together in hopes of providing an incentive for each of the student-athletes to perform their best during the season.  The student-athletes with the lowest weekly scores will collect the money.

Since the institution is not funding this “pool of funds” is it permissible?

No.  NCAA Official Interpretation- 12/12/94-  Student-Athletes Establishing ‘Pool’ of Funds – states that it is not permissible for an institution’s student-athletes to establish a “pool” of funds for the purpose of providing cash on a weekly basis to selected student-athletes based on their athletics performance in specific intercollegiate competitions without jeopardizing the amateur status of the student-athletes who receive such funds.

[References: 12.1.1 (amateur status) and 12.1.2 (forms of pay)]


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