Daily Compliance Item 1/29/14– CONTEST

Ocean State Basketball to raise money to help save the Orcas

Quahog, RI – Jimmy ‘Hawk’ Basketball (Freshman) will host a party at the Quahog Bar & Grill on February 1st from 4-11pm.  Jimmy will run a pool on the Super Bowl game and donate 50% of the proceeds to help save the famed pod of killer whales known as the “Rhode Island Orcas”.  The men’s and women’s basketball student-athletes will be at the bar to help collect bets.  The pool will take bets of $25, $50 or $100 on the winner of the game, as well as $50 over/under on the total score of both teams at the event.   To make sure there was enough money to cover all bets, Jimmy sold a basketball that was signed by the team after winning a preseason tournament in Hawaii.  Jimmy created flyers with his name and picture on them to help promote the event.  Additionally, Quahog Bar & Grill ran radio ads to promote the presence of the Ocean State University student-athletes.

Jimmy will also sell autographed photos of him in action for the Ocean State basketball team with 50% of those proceeds also going to the conservation effort.  Jimmy will keep the remainder of the money to help fund a trip this summer to London to play on an outside team.

Coach Overzealous will be there to help Jimmy in this endeavor to raise money for such a worthy cause. ‘With all the bad press in the news lately about the Orcas, this is a way to give back to the great state of Rhode Island.  We checked with our compliance officer, Bum Interps, and he said that because it’s for charity it would be OK.  Even Bud Sampson, owner of the Quahog Bar & Grill and proud member of Ocean State’s Tidal Waves booster club, will donate $1 for every beer sold to Jimmy’s event.  We at Ocean State are so proud of Hawk and thank him for participating in this event on such short notice and giving the citizens of Quahog a fun event surrounding the Super Bowl.’  As a thank you for their efforts, the Quahog Bar & Grill will give a discount to all Ocean State student-athletes and their families for the month of February.

The Quahog Bar & Grill is located at 123 Main St. and ample parking in rear.


The first 10 people who properly identify 5 violations from this fact pattern and picture will win an Ocean State University Orcas hat or T-shirt.  Tweet the answer using the hashtag #DCIContest.  One winner per institution will be awarded.

I will follow up with the winner(s) list and the violations Ocean State University has committed.




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